Rajidesigns Travel EssentialsLike 99.9% of the travelers, I hate traveling in a plane.  Unfortunately, a plane is my only option in most cases.  So rather than psyching myself out over how horrible it is to be cloistered in a plane, I try to make it a pleasurable (or at least tolerable) experience.  Besides the obvious basics like computer, iPod, phone, etc., here are a few things that may help make your journey a whole lot better…

Beauty: You should always try to get on a flight (especially a long haul) make-up free.  Not only is makeup drying (planes use recycled air) for your face, it’s going to get all messed up after you sleep in a million different positions. Once on the plane, a few things will help you look refreshed at the end of flight…Rajidesigns Chantecaille Mask

  • Face Mask:  Since the air in a plane is recycled, it’s dehydrates your skin.  To protect yourself, apply a thin layer of a clear mask, like Chantecaille Healing Mask.
  • Face Cream:  Apply a thin layer of face cream, like Clinique Moisture Surge, over the mask.
  • Eye Cream:  Use an eye cream, like Clinique All About Eyes, all around your eye to keep it hydrated.
  • Hand Cream:  Apply a hand cream, like Aquaphor (which can double as a lip balm), each time you wash your hands and when the skin feels even a little bit tight.
  • Lip Balm: Apply a lip balm, like eos Lip Balm, constantly to keep your lips supersoft.
  • Hand Sanitizer: I don’t want to get up to wash my hands each time I want to eat finger food.  This is a savior during those lazy times.  Since it is drying, use hand cream after each use, just as you would after washing hands.
  • Face Wash: At the end of your flight, you’ll want to rinse off and moisturize.

Entertainment:  It’s tough to fill up the hours spent in a plane, so I like having a variety of options to choose from.  Rajidesigns Travel Essentials--2

  • A Good Book and Magazine: Long flights generally have movies, but my eyes get tired/annoyed looking at the tiny screens, so I also bring along some reading material.
  • Headphones: If you do watch a movie or listen to music on a plane, it’s best to bring your own headphones because the ones the airlines provide are so low quality that they tend to break soon after you get them.
  • Pen and Notebook.  The pen will come in handy when you need to fill the customs forms.  Or when you want to jot down some ideas, because you have nothing to do up there really but think.

General Comfort: Unless you’re in the first or business class, the plane ride can be rough. I’ve found that I need two things the most when I travel internationally: sleep and good food.  So I try to take care of both.Rajidesigns Eye Mask

  • Head Pillow: The pillow you get on a long flight is about the size of a handkerchief, and since my head is slightly bigger than that, I much prefer my own pillow.
  • Snacks: I miss the days when you actually got proper meals on a plane.  Now, the plate keeps getting smaller and the food keeps getting crappier.  To avoid an unintentional hunger strike, I pack nuts, energy bars, and even a few pieces of dark chocolate.  And I bring along a proper meal if it’s a long flight.
  • Eye Mask:  Since you can’t control the lights on a plane, this is the next best thing to having a pitch dark bedroom.

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