There are days when your hair just refuses to do you want it to.  Sadly, I’ve had one too many of those days, and have come up with ways to cope with most common hair situations.  Here goes….

  1. Static Hair:  A chic ponytail is the answer to your prayers.  To keep frizz at bay, use a little smoothing balm and brush your hair into a low ponytail with an elastic.  To keep the look polished, use pins to secure loose strands.  Rajidesigns Low Ponytail
  2. Limp Hair: A stylish half-updo can rescue you.  To boost volume at the top, backcomb/tease about an inch at the crown section.  Take the front and side sections and pin them at the crown.  To give it a little extra oomph, slide the hair forward just a little (but not so much that you have a pompadour). Rajidesigns Half-updo
  3. Greasy Roots: A sleek ballet bun is your ticket to style.  Accentuate the wetish effect by running a wet comb through your hair so that it is damp.  Apply some conditioning mousse and brush back your hair into a low knot. Rajidesigns Low Knot

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