Rajidesigns Matte Red LipsNothing perks me up more than a red lip.  As someone who barely wore lipstick a year ago, I’ve adapted quite well to wearing a red lip.  It may be because I found a shade that flattered my skin pretty early on.  If you want to get the perfect matte red lip (I think there’s a red shade for every skin tone), these tips to prep may prove very useful.

  1. PREP:  You need super-soft (read: not chapped) lips for the perfect red lip.  I love to dab on some lip balm and exfoliate my lips with an old toothbrush.  However, feel free to use a warm and damp washcloth to do the job.  Then, apply some lip balm again and blot it gently to create a shine-free surface.
  2. DEFINE:  With a creamy pencil that matches the natural color of your lips, line the borders of your lips.  This prevents any bleeding of the red lip color.
  3. COLOR: Either with a lip brush or straight from the tube, apply lipstick to the center of your bottom lip, and purse lips together.  With a lip brush, fill in the remainder of your lips.  For a stained (that is, matte), rub the color into your lips with your finger from side to side until it’s uniform.  Finally, reapply the red lipstick, and then gently press a tissue on lips to give them a nice matte finish. Cheers!