Rajidesigns Fall 2013Autumn is an amazing time of the year.  After an exciting and busy summer, I welcome the beautiful colors and the calm feeling I have during this time of the year.  Now that I live in Southern California, I do miss the change in the color of leaves and the freshness in the air.  But I’m determined to try the following things despite the lack of any actual ‘fall.’

  1. Carve a pumpkin (or a few if I’m good at it!).
  2. Take a hay-ride at Knott’s Berry (or Scary!) Farm.
  3. Learn to make two soups to perfection: Carrot Ginger and Classic Tomato.
  4. Watch a scary movie in a theater (so much more difficult to do than at home where I just press the mute button when I’m scared by the sound).
  5. Go apple picking in an orchard.
  6. Make a pie with the the apples I picked.
  7. Dress in knits and layers even though the temperatures will refuse to go below 65F during the day.
  8. Visit Temecula for leaf-peeping.
  9. Learn to make a pumpkin spice latte.
  10. Start making Christmas presents.  It’s never too early, right?