With cold season creeping up on us, dry lips aren’t far behind.  As much as I love Fresh’s Sugar Lip Polish, I like making my own (and not because it’s edible, though it does help if/when I accidentally ingest it).  This scrub contains the moisturizing coconut oil, the exfoliating brown sugar, and the healing honey.  I’m 99.9% sure it’ll leave your pout soft and plump.

Rajidesigns Lip Scrub--1

You’ll need:

  • honey
  • pure coconut oil
  • brown sugar
  • a teaspoon
  • a tablespoon
  • a mixing bowl
  • an empty jar or 2.5 oz baby food jar
  • labels (optional)Rajidesigns Lip Scrub--2

1. Mash up the one tablespoon of coconut to make it clump-free.  Mix in the one tablespoon honey until you get a thick consistency and the two ingredients have bound.  This serves as the base. Rajidesigns Lip Scrub--3Rajidesigns Lip Scrub--4

2.  Mix two hand packed teaspoons of brown sugar (a natural exfoliant) into the base.Rajidesigns Lip Scrub--5

3.  Add one teaspoon of coconut oil into the bowl to smooth out the mixture.  Once everything is mixed in, transfer the scrub into a small container or jar.  And label.Rajidesigns Lip Scrub--6

The scrub lasts for 2 weeks if refrigerated.  Leave it out for 10 mins before use to allow the mixture to soften a bit.  To use, apply it to lips in small, circular motions for 1-2 mins.  Rinse off with a wash cloth.Rajidesigns Lip Scrub--7

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