Rajidesigns Happy FeetDue to our busy schedules, our feet get very little of our attention (after all, others rarely notice your feet, or so we think).  But it’s never to late to start taking care of them.  My feet are certainly fighting for their dear life and I need to revive them ASAP.  Hope the following tips they can help you as well.

Foot aroma oil
Essential oils not only smell amazing, but help relieve muscle tension and sooth the nerves.  You can massage your feet with essential oils to get a calming effect.  For instant relaxation, add a few drops of a fragrant essential oil into warm water and dip your feet.  Rajidesigns Essential Oils

Anti callus creams
Calluses are a clear indication that your feet need some love.  Not only are they an eyesore each time you wear your shoes, they also increase the pressure you feel while walking.  And an anti-callus cream is the solution to your feet’s woes.  The cream contains ingredients that penetrate the hardened skin to treat the calluses, leaving you with soft heels.Rajidesigns Food Bath

Foot scrub
A foot scrub exfoliates your feet by removing the dead skin cells along with the dirt that accumulates during the day.  A foot scrub usually contains exfoliating agents such as brown sugar, epsom salt, oatmeal, and sea salts that soften rough edges and increase blood circulation.  The use of a foot scrub gets rid of cracked heels and dry feet.    Rajidesigns Foot Scrub