After a summer of fitting into teeny-tiny clothes that left little room for dessert, comfy fall trends are a welcome change (even if fall is not so welcome).   You can pair each item with something casual or sleek to achieve your desired (that is, laid back or dressy) look.

  1. Tailored Slouchy Trousers:  It’s best to keep the hem short to better show off your lovely shoes. Rajidesigns Slouchy Trousers Fall 2013-2Rajidesigns Slouchy Trousers Fall 2013
  2. Tiered Miniskirt: After all the peplum top rage, it’s time for the “tiered” miniskirt.  They’re best in winter fabrics like suede or wool, and prints like houndstooth. Plus, they look amazing with tights (which also keep you nice and toasty).Rajidesigns Tiered Mini Skirt Fall 2013-2Rajidesigns Tiered Miniskirt Fall 2013
  3. Sweatshirts:  I practically live in these in fall and winter, so it’s a must (regardless of whether or not it’s trendy) every year.   Rajidesigns Sweatshirts fall 2013-2Rajidesigns Sweatshirts Fall 2013

Trousers: Zara Jacquard Patter Trousers, Topshop Red/Blue Check Trousers, Mango Suede Effect Trousers

Miniskirts: BCBG Tiered Ruffle Skirt, Ella Moss Flared Skirt, Zara Quilted Skirt

Sweatshirts: Milly Colorblock Sweatshirt, Mother of Pearl Lucas Sweatshirt, JCrew Floral Sweatshirt

(Images via Brand/Seller Websites, Dailymail)