Rajidesigns Fall Florals--The SartorialistWhile I love the fall season for the colorful leaves, the cool breeze, and a chance to drink even more chai/coffee, I do miss summer flowers.  Since we must bid adieu to these flowers (unless you have those cabbages that imitate flowers), it’s only appropriate that they become more prominent in our wardrobes.  You don’t need to wear florals in a sweet way (although that is perfectly fine if you love it!).  Rather, you can “toughen up” the look by adding some killer shoes or a biker jacket.  I don’t have any “badass” credibility to uphold, so I’m doing to wear them so sweetly that I’ll get cavities just by looking at myself in the mirror (actually, I already have them, but you get the point).  Cheers!                                                             Rajidesigns Fall Florals  Rajidesigns Fall Florals--Azealia Rose Clutch by Sophia WebsterRajidesigns Fall Florals--Zara Floral Pants

(French Connection Skirt, Zara Floral Blouse, Sophia Webster Rose Clutch, Zara Floral  Trousers)

(Images via 1 & Brand Sites)