Rajidesigns Valentino Braid--2    A braid is a my “staple” style in any season, though I do change it around a bit with the changing seasons.  While it’s fun to have a messy braid (what with all that ‘wind’ blowing through my hair) in the summer, it feels more appropriate to be a little bit more put together during the fall season.  That means taming the frizz and flyaways to create a sleek and elegant braid that’s great for both day and night.  p.s. This look is from Valentino Fall-Winter/2013-14. Cheers!

Rajidesigns Valentino Braid--1

  1. Smooth you hair with a hair lotion or oil to control the frizz.
  2. Use a fine-tip comb to make a neat center part and divide hair into three sections.  Then, create a classic, single-plait braid.
  3. Place a headband (preferable a wide headband) 2-3 inches from your hairline.  The headband should cover your ears ever so slightly.
  4. To tame any and all flyaways, use a bit of hair lotion or place skinny bobby pins in that very spot.  Bring your braid over to the side you would normally wear it.

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