Rajidesigns Audrey Hepburn Eyeliner  Although I was a little late to the liquid eyeliner craze, I’ve become sort of a superfan. This is one makeup look that instantly makes me feel more put together.  At first, I was very intimidated by the liquid eyeliner because I could barely do makeup with both eyes open, so doing it with one eye almost closed posed a bit of a challenge.  But with enough patience and a gentle cleanser, like this one by Caudalie, I can finally do it in record (ok, it’s a PR only, but still) time.Rajidesigns Bridget Bardot Eyeliner

  1. Choose a fine brush, like this one by Givenchy, as that makes the application much easier.  You can make the line as thick as you want, but it’s best to do so incrementally.
  2. With the wand, start at the center of your upper lash line and begin to draw a line that curves slightly upwards with the end pointing directly to the end of the your eyebrow.
  3. Fill the empty space beneath the slant with liquid.
  4. Connect the end of the drawn line (from step 2) to the outer corner of your eye by moving up from the corner of your eye to reach the end of the previously drawn line above.
  5. To finish, start drawing from the tear duct (the inner corner of your eye), and drag it across to reach the center (where you started).  If you want a bolder (i.e. thicker) look, keep retracing your step and raise the bar (line) one step higher until you achieve your desired look.
  6. Feel awesome!Rajidesigns Keira Knightley Eyeliner

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