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Rajidesigns Exotic Entrance Hall I’m relatively new to the whole interior design game.  Sure, I’ve painted my room in at least half of the colors of the rainbow in high school and went through the “I love Ikea” phase in college, but now that I’m a certified adult (ahem!), my design sensibilities have also changed.  For example, I actually care about what my home’s entrance looks like.  It’s the first (and usually the last) impression of a person’s home and should give the visitor a glimpse into the style they should expect from the remainder of the house (regardless of the size).  Here are a few styles I absolutely love and serve as my inspiration for my future entrance hall.  Cheers!Rajidesigns Contemporary Entrance HallRajidesigns Beach Entrace HallRajidesigns Rustic Entrance HallRajidesigns Traditional Entrance Hall

(Images via Architectural Digest)