RajiDesigns Sideswept Hair--Miranda KerrFew hairstyles really stand the test of time (would anyone dare get a perm today?), but the sideswept hairstyle has been around for ages and is likely to stick around till the foreseeable future.  Not only does this hairstyle make you look instantly glamorous, it suits every face shape.  To achieve this look: Spritz washed hair with volumnizer, then blow-dry hair downwards (to prevent frizz).  Next, use 1 1/4-inch curling iron all over (do this in small sections to make sure all hair get the heat).  Once done curling all over and the curls have cooled, brush it out to achieve a more natural look.  Sweep the curls to one side and tease out the front section to frame your eyes. RajiDesigns Sideswept Hair--Jessica Alba and Jamie ChungRajidesigns Sideswept Hair--Veronika Lake