1. As you may (or may not—no big deal!) know Iceland is not full of ice, and these beautiful pictures prove it. RajiDesigns Iceland
  2. Do you ever wonder why some people are happier than others? No, it’s not the use of any medicinal herbs. Read on to learn more. RajiDesigns Happy People Psychology Today
  3. As a J.Crew fan, I feel like I’m being told of an iconic secret with Gayle Spannaus, J.Crew’s Style Director, showing us how to create a messy bun. RajiDesigns J.Crew Bun
  4. If you loved Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” watch this rendition on Jimmy Fallon (it involves the use of classroom instruments). RajiDesigns Blurrred Lines
  5. Vanity Fair has released it’s International Best Dressed List 2013. My personal favorite on the list is Caroline Issa. Rajidesigns Caroline Issa

(Images via Thunderoflove, Into the Gloss, Vezilka, Huffington Post, Psychology Today)