1. Finding a BFF is hard, so keep these 22 signs in mind to know when you’ve found yours.  Sign #1: You understand each others’ gibberish. Rajibydesign BFF(Courtesy: Buzzfeed)
  2. It turns out you can sleep your way to the top. Rajibydesign Sleep well
  3. Whether you love her or hate her, you have to admire Martha Stewart’s confidence. Rajibydesign Martha Stewart Confidence(Courtesy: New York Magazine)
  4. Peek is an awesome website where you can browse what to do in a city and buy tickets for whatever interests you.  And the photographs are just amazing! Rajibydesign Peek(Courtesy: Peek)
  5. Apparently, women handle stress better than men.  Hmmm.Rajibydesign Women handle stress better(Courtesy: Getty)