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Nowadays, almost everything is multipurpose.  We can use our smartphones to take pictures, check the weather, make videos, and yes, make a phone call once in a while.  But oddly enough, we still carry more makeup than we need on a regular day.  There’s an app, sorry, solution for that.  Enter the multitasking makeup by the likes of NARS and Bobbi Brown. Rajibydesign Multitasking Makeup

One product can now be used on lips, cheeks, and eyes.  Using the same color for the entire face softly accentuates all your features evenly.  However, you can create dimension by varying intensities of the product.  Less can definitely be more!

  1. The Multiple in Orgasm by NARS
  2. Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks by Bobbi Brown
  3. Cheekie by Julie Hewett
  4. Pocket Pal by Benefit