On July 4th, I look forward to the family barbeque, fireworks, and loads of fun.  Everything around me is relaxed, and I want my style to be the same.  I like an easygoing dress (that shows no signs of the above mentioned barbeque) with minimal (but so not boring) accessories, and comfortable shoes.  Add minimal makeup and a simple hairstyle to the mix, and I’m done!RajibyDesign July 4 2013

  1. Striped Pleated Dress by Mango, $34.00 (on sale)
  2. Sandals With Tassels by Zara, $59.99 (on sale)
  3. Studio Tan Clip by Spitfire, $35.00
  4. Southwestern Cuff by Madewell, $24.00
  5. Mini-Bow Ring by Madewell, $15.00