I have a habit of lugging my life around in my handbag!  My gargantuan bags that literally hold almost everything I may need to survive on a deserted island.  The only way I will carry less stuff is if it just doesn’t fit into my bag.  That’s why I’m looking to go ‘lite’ in the bag department with gorgeous clutches that can hold only the bare minimum.   Rajibydesign Summer Clutches

  1. Romy Clutch by Tila march, $575
  2. Printed Clutch Bag by Zara, $49.99 (on sale)
  3. The Friday Clutch in Lizardstamp by Madewell, $128
  4. Lock Clutch by Loeffer Randall, $350
  5. Star Embossed Leather Zip Pouch by Comme des Garcons, $133.37
  6. Orange Fizz Leather Sally Clutch by Chloé, $648 (on sale)
  7. Red Matte Leather Obsedia Clutch by Givenchy, $980
  8. Colorblock Folio Clutch by 10 Crosby Derek Lam $375
  9. Colorblock Frame Clutch by Marni, $493.50