1. Sunny Gu‘s detail intense illustrations are amazing and definitely worth checking out. Sunny Gu's Illustration(Courtesy: Sunny Gu)
  2. I can’t do fancy nail art to save my life, so NCLA Nail Art is a fabulous alternative to going to a nail salon. Check out the “National Anthem” design for July 4th. RajibyDesign NCLA Nails(Courtesy: NCLA Instagram)
  3. In summer, I can eat watermelon all day long (seriously, I’ve actually done this!), so it’s good to know the many different ways to eat it.Rajibydesign Watermelon Pops
  4. We’re all more or less aware of British propriety (or some may say, snobbery), so it’s fun to figure out what they say and what they really mean. Rajibydesign British Speak
  5. The cartoons in the New Yorker magazine seem so effortless, so this hilarious TED talk by cartoonist Bob Mankoff is fascinating.Rajibydesign New Yorker Cartoon(Courtesy: The New Yorker Magazine)