DSC_0375 The first time I went to the San Diego Zoo, I saw a cheetah and a dog walking side by side as if they were the best of friends gossiping about the nosy humans.  What?!? Turns out, the dogs are excellent companions for the shy cheetahs and help these endangered animals feel comfortable enough to interact better with each other (especially when it comes to breeding).DSC_0305Such extraordinary things are commonplace at the San Diego Zoo, which is the home of 3,700 such rare and endangered animals (like the youngest panda cub, Xiao Liwu, born in the zoo!). Among the many, many beautiful and awe-inspiring things I’ve seen at this zoo, the artistic elephants working on their masterpieces and gorillas cradling their babies have got to be at the top of the list.DSC_0387 The San Diego Zoo can feel like a forest with such beautiful and exotic plants (over 700,000), and pathways that are all over the place (I suppose like they would be in a real forest).  I like to get lost and pretend that I’m deep into the Amazon Forest.  And when I get tired, I head towards the nearest espresso shop (not Starbucks, in case you’re wondering) for a perfect latte.DSC_0321  So whether you’re an animal lover or just want to appreciate different kinds of life in this world, make a trip to your nearest zoo (or if you can, go to the San Diego Zoo).  Cheers!