Rajibydesign Succulent:Flowers Centerpiece 2      I absolutely love flowers! Yes, they die within a few days, but for those days they brighten my home and make me super happy.  Most of the time, I’m just happy buying one kind of flowers (lately, it’s been pink Snapdragons) and placing them in a white porcelain jug.  However, for special occasions, I want something unique.  That’s where a centerpiece arrangement with succulents and flowers comes in.  I feel an arrangement with just succulents might be boring (though it might last a bit longer), so to add color, I use different large flowers in the color theme of my choice. Rajibydesign Succulent:Flowers Centerpiece 3Choose succulents that look like flowers (such as the one above) so as to complement the flowers. Also, vary the colors, shapes, and sizes.Rajibydesign Succulents:Flowers Centerpiece 6Although you can choose any colorful flowers, it’s best to go with big flowers that can compete with the large and sturdy succulents. Also, do try to stick to a color theme (generally based on light or dark colors). You can use roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and dahlias in different colors and shades.Rajibydesign Succulent:Flower Centerpiece 1  To give the centerpiece a more rustic look, add an unexpected element, such as figs and a sprig or two. Finally, add 2-3 types of leaves in different shades of green to keep the centerpiece interesting.Rajibydesign Succulents:Flowers Centerpiece 5Have an awesome day! Cheers!