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Rajibydesign Audrey Hepburn CollageAudrey Hepburn is considered to be one of the most beautiful women that ever lived, yet she never considered herself beautiful.  She thought she had a big nose and big feet (a size 8!), was too skinny, and not busty enough.  Just goes to show you that  all women are unnecessarily critical of their appearance and are always more beautiful than they allow themselves to believe.  Instead of focusing on our perceived flaws, we should appreciate and enhance what we do like about ourselves.  Even though Audrey was critical of her physical appearance, she was bold with her style and didn’t try to look like other movie stars of the time.  She made crisp shirts (collars popped up!), capri pants, and ballet flats fashionable, and the trends she set continue to this day.  So go ahead and have fun with fashion the way you want to! Cheers!Rajibydesign Audrey Hepburn White Shirt