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Rajibydesign Summer Espadrilles  As I was putting on my trusty leopard print ballet flats to rush out of my home, I realized that the pair didn’t have much life left in it.  I had literally worn it almost every single day for the last two years and it was finally showing signs of giving up on me.  The thing is, I don’t have too many everyday, “run out of the house” type of shoes, and it isn’t (and sort of is, I guess) for the lack of trying.  For one, they are not the most exciting things to shop for and two, most of the ones I end up liking are priced beyond what I’m willing to pay.  Since I’m now in a corner and forced to buy a new pair, I found this pair of lace up espadrille by Soludos to be a great alternative to the more expensive Tabitha Simmons.  It’s sporty (I can probably run faster in these!) and classic (with the nautical stripes), and a worthy successor of my ballet flats. Cheers!