1. Since it’s officially summer, it’s time to hit the the amusement parks.  Check out the hottest new attractions at U.S. theme parks. Rajibydesign Six Flags Full Throttle(Courtesy: Six Flags Theme Parks)

2.  If you’re curious to know what your birthday says about you, check out the Secret Language of birthdays.Rajibydesign leo image

3.  If you watch YouTube videos of animals (admit it!) being their cute and funny selves, check out these ultra cute animal pics.Rajibydesign 51 Animal Pics(Courtesy: bunnyfood.tumblr.com)

4. If you share my irrational obsession with designer shoes, check out this NYT article to understand just the tip of the iceberg. Rajibydesign NYT Shoe Battles(Courtesy: NYT.com)

5.  What do you get when you mix cinema and photography?  A Cinemagraph, of course! Check out these awesome images and prepare to be blown away.RajibyDesign Cinemagraph(Courtesy: Jamie Beck, Kevin Burg)