Rajibydesign cheap thrills  Not that you need a reason to shop, but studies have shown that retail therapy is effective in driving away the blues.  However, it’s safe to say that buying a $1000 purse when you’re sad is probably not a good idea.  You’ll be super happy as you skip out the store, but the next day, you’ll remember that you dropped a grand on a bag and getting over that may require another form of therapy.  The answer is to shop where such temptation doesn’t even exist.  This delicate dress by Zara is the perfect for summer and only $90.  Add a straw hat and a pair of thong sandals, and you’ve got yourself a very summery outfit for under $200.  That’s retail therapy done right!

  1. Lace Dress by Zara, $90
  2. Straw Fedora Hat by Topshop, $45.00
  3. Thong Sandal With Buckle by Zara, $49.90