Rajibydesign Summer Sandals      In the Northern Hemisphere, the “official” first day of the summer season (aka Summer Solstice) is the day when the Sun is farthest north. This day can fall on June 20th or June 21st, depending on where you’re located.  Needless to say, I do not have the date marked on my calendar and have already busted out my summer attire.  And no summer is complete without sparkly sandals to elevate an otherwise casual summer look.

  1. Jewel Embellished Leather Sandals by Zara, $89.90
  2. “Kokoo” Leather Sandals by Matisse Footwear, $57.90
  3. Analisa Toe-ring Sandals by Vince Camuto, $89.00
  4. Fliss Embellished Sandals by Topshop, $90.00